Solar Dome Camera - aosu
Solar Dome Camera - aosu
Solar Dome Camera - aosu
Solar Dome Camera - aosu
Solar Dome Camera - aosu

Solar Dome Camera

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Just Like What You Are Seeing
with Your Own Eyes

Capture Clear Details in Full High Definition

The dependable wireless camera has a resolution of 1080p (1920 x 1080), which means you can watch and record crisp HD video in more brilliant details. No matter where you are, day or night, you see clearly around it than ever before.

Enhanced Infrared Night Vision

DEKCO solar security camera is equipped with upgraded infrared LED to capture excellent night vision, the view distance up to 66ft, you can see much more things in the dark with full HD.

Enjoy Peace of Mind at Night

In the middle of night, what will you do if a stranger shows up at the yard or your front door? This security camera will do the first help! Siren and lights will be triggered when motion is detected automatically. There are 3 selected Modes can be set:

Siren Warning.

Integrated Spotlight.

Strobe Light and Siren Warning.

The volume can be adjusted high enough.
The lights are bright enough to illuminate your yard.
The would-be intruders will be scared and warded off.

AI Motion Detection & Real-time Notifications

Advanced AI technology will reduce false alarms caused by small insects or light changing. 1-10 se
nsitivity available based on actual environment, no movement will slip through. Real-time notific
ations will keep you informed when anything happens.

Digital Zoom 4x

Be able to zoom-in up to 4 times on the App to see better within the coverage area. It will help to check the environmental details very well so that to prevent troubles before something happens.

Share Camera with Your Family

You may ignore an alert notification, but if you share the DEKCO wifi security camera with husband or wife, brother and sister, that will be nice to protect home together. Just scan a code or search account on the App to share the cam, they will be able to remote control and check.

What's in the box

Flexible to Broaden Your View

You can easily remote control the camera from side to side / up and down on
the app. Protect every corner of your
home with 360° Field of View.

360° Adjustable Solar Panel

The solar panel can be adjusted for each installation to face the sun and absorb enough energy, it will continue to power the camera all days and years, no electric wiring are needed, no need to recharge the camera manually.

Encrypted Cloud and Micro SD Card Storage

All videos are encrypted storage in the cloud or local. The DEKCO battery security camera support 8-128GB micro SD card(not included). All contents are protected securely, no outside resources will take it from you. Free 7-day trial of our cloud storage services.

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