WirelessCam System Max

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Advanced Encryption and Free Local Storage - Remotely access your locally secured smart camera footage from the included hub (built-in 32GB for up to 4-month of loop recording). Keep your home secure with aosu reliable outdoor security camera solution - WirelessCam Pro System.

 Model Number: C6S 


Style: 2-Cam Kit

Unboxing & Reviews

Peace of Mind with aosu

Warn off the intruder using the built-in siren and spotlight.

5MP UHD Resolution

Improved from 1080p, you could see every detail of your property.

Color Night Vision

See more clear on stranger's faces or license plates in full color night vision, and playback to identity events for great security.

Expandable up to 4-Cam | Battery Power for 240 Days

5MP Home Security System

Cover Every Corner

expandable to 4-Cam and view simultaneously

No Monthly Fee

built-in 32G Local Storagefor 4-month loop recording

Smart Alerts, Quicker Action

instant notifications and quick preview image

5MP Ultra HD

captures clearer details improved by 67% from 3MP(2K) video

No Blind Spots

166° Ultra-Wide angle for complete security

Wire-Free Installation

up to 8-month of battery life per charge

Captures Clearer Details whether Day or Night

5MP picture quality which is improved by 67% from 3MP(2K) video, and cameras' built-in spotlights provide brilliant night vision to ensure your home security.

5MPAosu Resolution

2KOthers Resolution


Cover Every Corner

Advanced Night Vision

See more clear on stranger's faces or license plates in full color night vision, and playback to identity events for great security.

166 degrees ultra-wide angle lens provides complete coverage without any blind spots. See wider and see more withi this solar outdoor camera system.

No Blind Spots


Customized Detection

Reduce Unwanted Notifications

Only receive alerts that matter and eliminate unnecessary notifications.

Thumbnail Real-Time Notification

Receive snapshot notifications so that you can quickly check who is at the door.

Quick Reply to Directly Video Calling

Use the preset message to quick reply when you are busy.

Smart Playback

Event type filters, fast forward and rewind features make it even easier to find important moments.

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Field of View




Battery Life

Forever Solar Power

8 Months

Forever Solar Power

Local Storage

Built-in 32GB EMMC

Built-in 32GB EMMC

Built-in 32GB EMMC

Monthly Fee




Solar Panel



Color Night Vision


Mark Twain

Easy and Quick Set Up

I spent a lot of time reading reviews because there are so many wireless home system set ups. I decided on this one after watching videos online. I hope this review can save you time. The set up was easy and self explanatory. Everything work as advertised from the app to the hardware. I am not good with tools or techs, so simplicity and ease of set up is huge for me. AOSU set up very simple. I am probably the equivalent of a 3rd grader with technology and I was able to set up and install the entire package. My family had an easy time setting up the app too. Was a win , win, win all around.

I originally was going to drill the walls but went with a different setup. The cloud storage fee is not needed but is an easy purchase. If anything breaks or my opinion changes I will let you know, but as of right now I am a satisfied customer.

Mohammad Al Azem

Great product and great customer service

I received this system and one of the cameras came with very low sound.
After reaching out to the customer service, they gladly replaced this defected camera.
The system works as it should be. Great video quality and the system quality overall is just perfect. Better than any other well known brands.
Highly recommend product and company.
First system bought for my office and now going to order a new system to replace Blink at my house since Blink is so horrible.


Overall very pleased

I've been looking for a security system, and this has been serving my needs well so far. Setting up the cameras is simple, once they're up, they are easy to set up wirelessly. Didn't take me to no longer than about 5 minutes. The app itself is pretty good without too much bloat,it gives you a clear picture whenever you want it. With the right angling, I could definitely get a good view on a large part of my yard and the front and back porch.You can't move the camera around, but it still gives me a nice and wide view depending on where you put it. Overall, it was easy to setup. I love the 180-degree view, day/night vision, and motion detection. We have not used the cloud storage option, but I like that we can consider it in the future.