WirelessCam System Pro

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Advanced Encryption and Free Local Storage - Remotely access your locally secured smart camera footage from the included hub (built-in 32GB for up to 4-month of loop recording). Keep your home secure with aosu reliable outdoor security camera solution - WirelessCam Pro System.

 Model Number: C6P 


Style: 2-Cam Kit
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Peace of Mind with aosu

Warn off the intruder using the built-in siren and spotlight.

2K QHD Resolution

Improved from 1080p, you could see every detail of your property.

Color Night Vision

See more clear on stranger's faces or license plates in full color night vision, and playback to identity events for great security.

WirelessCam Pro System

Expandable up to 4-Cam | Battery Power for 8-Month | Real 2K Detail for Day and Night

Cover Every Corner

expandable to 4-Cam and view simultaneously

No Monthly Fee

built-in 32G Local Storagefor 4-month loop recording

Smart Alerts, Quicker Action

instant notifications and quick preview image

2K Resolution

see every detail by real 2K clarity

No Blind Spots

166° Ultra-Wide angle for complete security

Wire-Free Installation

up to 8-month of battery life per charge

Cover Every Corner

See Every Detail

Real 2K resolution to capture every crystal-clear detail. You can see more important features through these solar wireless outdoor security cameras.

Advanced Night Vision

See more clear on stranger's faces or license plates in full color night vision, and playback to identity events for great security.

No Blind Spots

166 degrees ultra-wide angle lens provides complete coverage without any blind spots. See wider and see more withi this solar outdoor camera system.

Customized Detection

Reduce Unwanted Notifications

Only receive alerts that matter and eliminate unnecessary notifications.

Thumbnail Real-Time Notification

Receive snapshot notifications so that you can quickly check who is at the door.

Quick Reply to Directly Video Calling

Use the preset message to quick reply when you are busy.

Smart Playback

Event type filters, fast forward and rewind features make it even easier to find important moments.

Which System is right for you?

SolarCam Pro  2-Cam-Kit
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WirelessCam Pro  2-Cam-Kit
WirelessCam Pro 2-Cam-Kit Sale price$0.00
SolarCam Pro  3-Cam-Kit
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Field of View




Battery Life

Forever Solar Power

8 Months

Forever Solar Power

Local Storage

Built-in 32GB EMMC

Built-in 32GB EMMC

Built-in 32GB EMMC

Monthly Fee




Solar Panel



Color Night Vision



Simple Setup and User-Friendly

I’ve gone through several outdoor security camera systems including Wyze and Amcrest. This is by far the easiest and most-user friendly, and nicely design engineered. The best thing is that it is incredibly simple to set up. I had the two cameras up and running and talking to the base station in less that 30 minutes. The HD picture quality is awesome. The ultra-wide angle means you only need two cameras for full front and back yard coverage. Very good mounting hardware. My only caution is that the w-fi signal isn’t that strong. One camera, which is only 25 feet from the base station is at 40%. That’s below the manufacturer’s recommendation. The other camera, is 90 ft. from the base and reports signal strength at 74%. Go figure.


Excellent Security Camera

I purchased the 2 solar cameras several months ago and am very satisfied with them. The solar panels, which I placed in the gutters above and inconspicuous, work great; the cameras have always been 100% charged. Picture quality is excellent, including at night. I used special vinyl siding clips so I did not have to drill holes. Was happy with the quality of everything so I decided to also purchase the panoramic model for the front (although it is not Intergrated with the home base for the 2 cameras, it has its own mircoSD card storage).


Great video monitoring system without the added expense

We've had this unit for about 7 months now. We got it to monitor the many packages dropped off throughout a week to assure nothing was being tampered with or stolen. The camera system has a great app where you can adjust the level of motion detection, easily put cameras to sleep if you know you'll be in the line of site for an extended period, and quick notifications if motion is detected. You can even speak through the app/camera to those close to the camera. We have one above our garage and by our front door. It works just as well as a doorbell cam. The battery life is good as well. Fully rechargeable and looks like it only needs to be charged about every 6-8 months. So far we have been pleased.

*One note, we did have an issue with one camera suddenly disconnecting after six months. However, I contacted customer service through the app and they were great to work with. They addressed the issue immediately and solved the problem. I wouldn't hesitate on this unit if you're looking for a little piece-of-mind security system.