Security Cam P1 Lite

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2K Security Cameras Wireless Outdoor, 360°Pan-Tilt View Timed Cruise, Human Auto Tracking, Spotlight & Siren, 2-Way Audio, Full-Color Night Vision, IP66 Waterproof, Work with Alexa & Google Assistant

Model Number:C4L

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Cover Every Corner

aosu wifi security camera can rotate 360° flexibly, and has the function of Timed cruise and Spot cruise

2K QHD Resolution

Improved from 1080p, you could see every detail of your property.


AOSU 2K Security Cameras Outdoor/Home 24/7 Constant Recording, Motion Tracking

2K QHD Security Camera

aosu SECURITY | Panoramic PTZ & Human Tracking

2K QHD Quality Video

improved by 50% from 1080P video

270° Field of View

pan 180° to expand field of view

2.4 & 5GHz Dual-Brand WiFi

more stable and smoother, you can easily install

Automatic Cruise

all-round guarding of family security

Automatic Human Tracking

automatically focuses on and tracks the moving people

24/7 Recording

without missing any important details

24/7 Recording

Without Missing any Important Details.

Expand Your Field of Vision

Pan the lens 180° horizontally to get 270° Field of View.

Feel free to switch to 2.4/5 GHz WiFi

Featuring Dual-band WiFi, the Aosu Security Camera Provides More Stable connectivity. Endure No More Long Waits and Enjoy a Smoother Live View with the Faster Speed Brought by the 5GHz WiFi and Stronger Signal Brought by the 2.4GHz WiFi.

Protect the Security of Key Areas

See more clear on stranger's faces or license plates in full color night vision, and playback to identity
events for great security.

Advanced Night Vision

See more clear on stranger's faces or license plates in full color night vision, and playback to identity events for great security.

Automatic Human Tracking

When Human Motion is Detected, the Camera Automatically Focuses on and Tracks the Moving People to Record a More Detailed Event.

Early Warning for People Staying for Long Time

Smart detection of suspicious lingering and wandering, providing early warnings to
safeguard your home.

Thumbnail Real-Time Notification

Receive snapshot notifications so that you can quickly check who is at the door.

Quick Reply to Directly Video Calling

Use the preset message to quick reply when you are busy.

Smart Playback

Event type filters, fast forward and rewind features make it even easier to find important moments.

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SD Card/Cloud

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Color Night Vision


Jeff Rogerson

Wanted to love these

Initially I penned out a glowing review of these cameras, but after having them for a day or so I was left feeling disappointed. First major issue with all 4 cameras I had: the colour reproduction was terrible. Our lawn, which is lush green at present - was being rendered orange. The sky was also not a true representation of colour. Heck, my old Akaso 1080p cam that was still up blew it out of the water. I wanted to like these cameras because of the feature set and motion but I just can't get beyond the poor image quality and colour reproduction. I returned all 4 and purchased the TpLink Tapo C325WB and whoaaa, it blows these cameras clear out of the water. On the merits of its ability to see in the dark alone. Far superior image quality and colour reproduction notwithstanding.

Seth Pena

Very good for price

I really do like this item video is crystal clear, very good quality camera and I do like that it records 24/7 so you can go back to any day and time for footage if you need it. Have already recommended this to my neighbor definitely worth buying only thing is audio isn’t the best at all just wish it was a little clearer audio but your not paying for audio your paying for the camera quality. Good purchase !!


Functions Well and Economical!

Honestly I am surprised with how well these cameras work… it has a great motion detection feature so it notifies you if there is any motion, and then shows you a screenshot in your notifications if someone is approaching. It has a replay feature so I can see retrieve any footage if need be. It also has family sharing so you can add other people to your cameras so they can see/replay footage too. My favourite feature is the ability to save the footage to my camera roll so easily from the app! 100% recommend as what you’re getting and the price itself are unbeatable!