SolarCam D1 Lite

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  • 2K Solar Wireless Cameras
  • Panoramic PTZ
  • Human Auto Tracking
  • Full-Color Night Vision
  • Spotlight & Siren
  • 2-Way Audio
  • IP66 Waterproof
  • Works with Alexa and Google Assistant

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Panoramic PTZ | Human Tracking

2K Wire-Free Solar Camera

360° Panoramic View

PTZ can rotate to wherever you tap on the 360-degree panorama

Forever Solar Power

2 hours of sunlight daily 
keeps the cameras running

Automatic Human Tracking

automatically focuses on and tracks the moving people

2K QHD Quality Video

improved by 50% from 1080P video

Smart Alarms, Quicker Action

instant notifications and quick preview image

Built-in 2-Way Voice and Spotlight

illuminate the light immediately
after detecting a thief, and send a warning

360° Panoramic View

Panoramic PTZ Can Rotate to Wherever You Tap on the 360-Degree Panorama, Allowing You to Quickly Check Every Corner and Ensure Full Protection for Your Home.

Capture Every Detail

Watch everything in 2K QHD high-definition quality and capture clearer details.

Early Warning for People Staying for Long Time

Smart detection of suspicious lingering and wandering,providing early warnings to safeguard your home.

Advanced Night Vision

See more clear on stranger's faces or license plates in full color night vision, and playback to identity events for great security.


Quicker Action

Receive instant notifications with quick preview image right from your phone’s lock screen.

Quick Reply

Use the preset message to quick reply when you are busy.

Quick Check

Know who's coming, passing, staying in seconds, and quickly locate the events you care about.